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What is a Designer Search? It's the results of a search of current auctions on The "designer" part comes in because Angela has identified and excluded irrelevant auctions that come up under a particular heading (such as Harley Davidson auctions coming up under a search for Davidson Glass). These off-the-topic auctions can be a real waste of time when you're busy. Also, depending on how plentiful the resulting auctions are, the designer search chooses whether to include a search of the descriptions as well as the titles, and other features.

So in most cases, these Designer Searches will produce a good selection of auctions offering the kind of glass you want to see. Of course, even Angela can't guarantee the accuracy of the auctions. You must use your own judgement about how authentic the items are. But we think we have found a good way to help you find them!

Click on any topic below (scroll down) to go to a Designer Search of for that kind of glass.
When you find a search that you like, it's a good idea to bookmark that page. Good hunting.

Search For:

Advertising glass
Akro Agate glass
Amberina glass
American glass
Anchor Hocking glass
Animals in glass
Apothecary glass
Apsley Pellatt glass
Art Deco glass
Art nouveau glass
Arts and Crafts glass
Baccarat glass
Bagley glass
Barolac glass
Beads (glass)
Bells in glass
Bimini glass
Blenko glass
Bohemian glass
Bottles (glass)
Boyd's Crystal Glass
Brierley Crystal glass
British glass
E O Brody glass
Bryce glass
Bubble glass
Burtles Tate glass
Caithness glass
Cambridge glass
Cameo glass
Candlesticks in glass
Candy containers
Carder glass
Carnival glass
Chance glass
Charder glass
Chinese glass
Cloud glass
Cobalt blue glass
Colin Terris glass
Contemporary glass
Cookie jars
Coralene glass
Corning glass
Coudersport glass
Crackle glass
Cranberry glass
Crystal Glass
Custard glass
Cut crystal glass
Czech glass
Danish glass
Dartington glass
Daum glass
Davidson's glass
Deacons glass
Depression glass
Dorflinger glass
Dorothy Thorpe glass
Drinking glasses
Dugan glass
Durand glass
EAPG glassware
Edinburgh Crystal
End-of-day glass
Etling glass
European glass
Fairy Lights
Federal glass
Fenton glass
Finnish glass
Fire-King glass
Fishing Floats in glass
Flygsfors glass
Fostoria glass
French glass
Fry Glass
Galle Glass
Glass Animals
Glass Bells
Glass Candlesticks
Glass Dumps
Glass Hand Vases
Glass Lamps
Glass Shoes
Goofus Glass
Gray-Stan glass
Greeners glass
Hand Vases
Hazel Atlas glass
Heisey glass
Historismus glass
Hobnail glass
Holmegaard glass
Hunebelle glass
Iittala glass
Imperial glass
Indiana glass
Intaglio glass
Isle of Wight glass
Italian glass
Jack-in-Pulpit glass
Jade glass
Jeannette Glass
Joblings glass
Joe Rice glass
John Deacons glass
J Walsh Walsh glass
Kemple glass
Kings Lynn glass
Komaromy glass
Kosta Boda glass
Laeken glass
Lalique glass
Lamps in glass
Lancaster glass
Leerdam glass
L E Smith glass
Le Verre Francais
L G Wright glass
Libbey glass
Lindstrand glass
Lobmeyr glass
Loetz or Lotz glass
Lost Wax
Lotton glass
Malachite glass
Maltese glass
Marbles (glass)
Martinsville glass
Mary Gregory glass
Mdina glass
Mercury glass
Milk glass
Millersburg glass
Molineux Webb glass
Monart glass
Monroe glass
Moser glass
Murano glass
Nailsea glass
Nazeing glass
New Martinsville glass
New Zealand glass
Northwood glass
Norwegian glass
Opalescent glass
Orient & Flume glass
Orplid glass
Orrefors glass
Paden City glass
Pallme-Konig glass
Pate de Verre
Peachblow glass
Pearline glass
Perthshire Paperweights
Phoenix glass
Pilgrim glass
Pirelli glass
Portieux glass
Post War British glass
Powell glass
Purple Glass
Pyrex glass
Reverse Paintings on Glass
Riihimaki glass
Riverside Glass
Rose bowls
Royal Brierley glass
Ruby glass
Sabino glass
Sandwich glass
Scailmont glass
Scandinavian glass
Schneider glass
Scottish glass
Shoes in glass
Silhouettes on glass
Silvered glass
Silver overlay glass
Sklo Union glass
Slag glass
Sowerby glass
Spatter glass
Stained glass
St Clair glass
Stemware glass
Steuben Glass
Stevens & Williams
Strathearn glass
Stretch glass
Stuart Crystal
Sulphides in glass
Swedish glass
Terris glass
Thomas Webb glass
Tiara glass
Tiffany glass
Toothpick Holders
Tortoiseshell glass
Tudor glass
Uranium glass
Vallerysthal glass
Val St Lambert glass
Vasart glass
Vaseline glass
Venetian glass
Venini glass
Verlys glass
Vistosi glass
Vitroporcelain glass
Walther glass
Waterford glass
Webb Corbett glass
Webb, Thomas glass
Wedgwood glass
Westmoreland glass
WV Museum of American Glass
Wheeling glass
Whitefriars glass
Wirkkala glass
WMF glass
Ysart glass

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